Get them to zip it the next time you clip on your own tie

Ties are the darnest things. Not every man is about to become the consummate man about town. Most guys are regular guys that enjoy their weekend ball games with their regular pals hanging out with them.

No dressing up is necessary or even allowed for such occasions. Today’s guys that prefer to dress casually are no longer just your blue collar workers. Dress codes have thankfully been relaxed over the years and a smart casual line has been taken at most offices about town.

But the man about town? Yes, he is still about. You’ll still see a lot of him downtown making a smart splash wherever he goes. It would be disrespectful of you to think that now he was standing out like a sore thumb. You have to give him his due. Give credit where credit is due as they say. This gentleman has probably spent many years taking time and trouble refining his image for all kinds of occasions. You should take a leaf out of his diary. Easy to say, because who has got the time.

But you can still tie them up in knots.

And here is how. Take a fun and humorous approach to dressing up while you are at it.

Because you are always going to have folks about you who are pretentious to the core or know even less than you do about dressing up. So, for that rare wedding invite, you can get them to zip it after you’ve zipped on your outrageous or different looking men’s zipper tie. And just so you know it is not that outrageous either. Take a look at the internet and take a look at the popular sellers and you’ll see why.