Humidity Got Your Hair in a Frizz?

Are you a woman or man who has hair that just won’t play by your rules? People with hair that is anything less than straight often struggle with frizz and would often do absolutely anything for a straight, controlled mane. You may even be one of those who has hair that goes on its own path of terror as soon as the humidity levels rise.

I am one such person and believe me I know the feeling of irritation attached to this. My hair is normally easy to manage and although I do have a slight curl to it, that is nothing a bit of mousse and a flattening iron can’t solve. That, of course, is during the cooler months. In the more humid months, however, my hair is like an unruly child who just won’t abide by the rules.

In the humid weather you already feel irritable and sweaty and having a mass of hair around your face doesn’t make it any easier. This summer I decided that I was no longer going to be a slave to my hair. I would find something to tame the beast. I searched the internet for options, asked questions of those in the know online and finally discovered vitale pro relaxer. This has been a gift from the gods. My hair has been on its best behavior this summer and believe me my children have been the first to notice. No longer do they have to deal with the crazy lady who loses it over even the slightest thing.

I love my new, more relaxed hair and my kids love the new, relaxed me. I feel so at ease and a lot less flustered even on the most humid of days. I am ready to tackle the world without blowing a gasket.